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6 reasons to consider being an alumni donor

Especially after graduation, money can be tight. But once you get a strong foundation under you financially, you can start thinking about what some good causes are to put your money towards. One to consider is supporting your alma mater. Here are some of the best reasons you should think about becoming an alumni donor.

1. Continue your legacy.

If you were involved with a lot of campus organizations during your college years, you might have made a name for yourself on campus. But once you left, your influence on the school and involvement in its everyday proceedings came to an abrupt end. If you become an alumni donor, you get to keep in the know and potentially still have some influence on the school.

2. Support future generations.

Do you remember how great it felt to be able to have your college experience and walk at graduation with your sense of accomplishment? Hundreds of other potential college students want to have that chance too and want to be able to have a quality experience at their school. Your donation would keep the school able to provide quality educational experiences for the generations to come, for students like Kalyani.

“I often reminisce about my undergraduate years at Augusta College,” shares Anita Wylds, Augusta College alumna Class of 1973. “They were years of personal growth, new friendships, academic challenges and confirming my passion for the biological sciences. It is a privilege that we have the resources to contribute to our alma mater to assist students to achieve their goal of a STEM graduate.”

3. Show gratitude.

With as much as our university gave you, becoming an alumni donor is a fantastic way to say “Thank you!” and give back to the school that gave so much to you.

4. To share your experience.

Sometimes, a potential student needs to be inspired to take the leap and go to college. Stories like yours can be the push they need to have the confidence to achieve their dream.

5. Support ongoing research.

Colleges and universities are often the starting points for brand-new research and other important cultural developments. Your gift could help support any number of dedicated research teams looking to solve problems and make advances!

7. School pride.

School spirit is a huge part of the college experience, and it’s very common to have that alma mater pride carry on after you’ve graduated. Becoming an alumni donor not only shows that you’re proud to have graduated from your school, but that you want your school to remain somewhere students are proud to go.

“Many good times were had at the small Augusta College gym watching men’s basketball,” remembers Henry Wylds, Augusta University athletics donor. “We continue to follow the team to this day. We feel that alumni and members of the community should support the AU sports programs. We hope to one day see the Fieldhouse filled to capacity.”

Your support is essential to the growth of students that make Jag Nation. Make a gift to any of Augusta University’s colleges, departments, athletic teams or programs. Make your gift today, at augusta.edu/giving.

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The Augusta University Alumni Association’s mission is to support the overall advancement of Augusta University by engaging alumni for life, building a culture of philanthropy to support the university, and serving as the representative voice for all alumni. Advancement, the Alumni Office at Augusta University supports and provides oversight for the Alumni Association. With more than 55,000 alumni worldwide, the Alumni Association strives to provide meaningful programs and events that enrich alumni socially, educationally, and professionally.

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