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Celebrating First-Generation Student: Lauren Browning

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November 8 is recognized as National First-Generation College Celebration Day. A first generation college student is a student whose parent(s) have not completed an undergraduate degree. They are the first person in the family to go to college and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

We had the opportunity to speak with Lauren Browning, a first-generation student at Augusta University. Lauren is a sophomore and studying nursing. “My mom always said children are supposed to go further and be better in life. I have the opportunity to be a better representation of my parents and family.”

“Being in college is not something that everyone can experience and as a first generation student it has been a learning lesson. It was a lot of stress on myself and my mom, but I have had the most wonderful experience. I have experienced things my mom and dad never got to experience. I have made so many friends and connections to people on campus. There are so many brilliant people on campus and I love that! The more people you meet the more resources you have to ask if you don’t understand something. You can collaborate and just enjoy time on campus.”

Lauren is also a volunteer in a campus organization called the Medical Reserve Corps. This organization makes sure that the local community has the assistance they need in the midst of a disaster such as hurricanes, fires, and other horrible catastrophic events. “I love the adrenaline rush and being in the middle of an emergency situation. It is a great opportunity for nursing students.”

She hopes to work in the medical field one day and acquire new skills throughout her career. “My mom is proud of me and she is learning and a part of this journey.”

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