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Don’t catch COVID-19 anxiety: Mental health tips for quarantine

COVID-19 has transformed our social, political and physical landscape. The uncertainty that dominates our daily decisions (from greeting friends and buying groceries to keeping your business afloat) affects...

Bryan: Intramural Sports

The Campus Recreation Center provides opportunities for students to improve their health and wellness. One of the many ways to stay active is through Intramural Sports. Bryan Waller helps organize Intramural...

Excitement, hope of freshman year remains strong, no matter the challenge

What do you remember about your first semester of college? For me, it’s one big blur save for the morning I sat down in math class next to a girl who said through tears, “It’s the beginning of World War III.”...

3 Ideas for Fall Fun Beyond Football

Our communities love football, but the 2020 season promises to be anything but normal. Games are moving forward this fall at the high school, college (for certain conferences, including the ACC and SEC) and...

Five Augusta Activities To Do In A Pandemic

It seems as if we are in an alternate universe from the one we knew in January. Unfortunately, in this universe, token Augusta events such as Arts in the Heart and the Westobou Festival have been canceled. So...

Five things to do after graduating

Graduating from college is a huge milestone and accomplishment. Most are excited to toss their cap up in the air as they close a major chapter in their life. As joyous as that moment is, the transition into the world...

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