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Freshman Year: A time to thrive, not survive

Getting the most out of freshman year

College is a journey, not a destination. As cliché as that sounds, it really is true. Your college career should be a series of experiences that shape you into the best professional, and individual, you can be come graduation day.

Dr. Scott Wallace, Dean of Students, likens college to the place where the person you are meets the person you will become. It’s never too late to start living your best life, but the best time is when you have four great years ahead of you.

Thrive, don’t just survive.

  1. Get organized. In most classes, you’ll learn about your final project on the first day of class. Start organizing your assignments, group projects and major papers into a manageable schedule and set aside time to work on each of them. This will give you enough time to ask questions and get your professors’ help when you need it. When the due date comes you know exactly what’s expected of you, when it’s due, and to whom. 💯
  2. Meet your professors, one on one. Get into the habit of meeting your professors. Just introduce yourself, it doesn’t have to anything as formal as meeting them for 30 minutes during their office hours. Strike up a conversation about your career goals or interests. Professors can become great advocates and mentors. If you have one-on-one interactions with them, they’ll be more likely to write your letters of recommendation or refer you for awesome opportunities. Tip within a tip: Get to know your Academic Advisor too. AAs are super helpful when deciding majors, coursework and schedules. Don’t wait until registration time to meet them. Keep in contact throughout the semester to update them on any new interests you have or issues you’re struggling with. 👩‍🏫
  3. Find your study “spot.” We all have our own studying methods. Some of us need complete quiet in the library, others like to study in groups at coffee shops. Whatever or wherever it is, find it sooner rather than later. 📚
  4. Know your support team. Colleges and universities want you to succeed. Thus, they provide a large scope of support services: career services, health clinics, tutoring centers, child care, wellness centers; Augusta University even has a food pantry open to all students. Never be embarrassed to utilize any of your resources. Ask for help and you shall receive.👯‍♀️
  5. Get involved on campus. Now that you have your professional support base, get involved with student-led organizations to build your peer support base. Connecting with other students is a great way to make lasting friendships and have a college experience outside of the classroom.🐆
  6. Find balance. With class, student organizations, work, family, friends, be prepared to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Stress is completely natural and something we’ll always experience. What’s important is managing it in a healthy way. Set time aside to take care of your physical and mental health. Read a book that’s not an assignment. Take an hour to listen a podcast or watch your favorite show. Go to the gym. Do any of these things guilt-free. And remember, it’s okay to say ‘no’ to family and friends when you’re tired, uncomfortable, too busy, or uninterested.🧖‍♀️
  7. Set goals. Big or small, goals outside of graduation make our college experiences more memorable. Set a goal to go on a study abroad trip or to join a new student organization or to get all As. Whatever they are, choose goals that match your interests and values. Goals give us a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Even if we don’t meet them, they give us the opportunities to learn from our mistakes.🏆

Yes, freshman year is full of hard work but using it to lay the foundation of your next three years will elevate your college experience beyond just getting a degree. Remember, use this year to do more than just survive.  You have it in you to thrive.

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