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Mia: Always “jolly” to learn

Mia Jolly, Augusta University Class of 2018, Master of Science in Information Security Management

Jolly is more than Mia’s last name.

Mia approaches all she does with a jolly attitude. Whether it’s in her day to day work as a Business Analyst supporting Augusta University’s research initiative or completing school work for her second Master’s degree, a Master of Science in Information Security Management, you can feel Mia’s jolly personality shine when she talks.

Her first Master’s degree is in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence. But it wasn’t until her son was finished with his School of Computer and Cyber Sciences degree until she realized she wanted to pursue the Information Security Management Master’s degree.

“My son, Jordan, graduated from the Information Technology program at Augusta University and that was when I first learned about the Information Security Master’s degree,” said Mia, “I’ve always had an interest in learning how to keep data secure, so I thought this program would be fun to give it a try.”

Mia’s been a part of JagNation since long before enrolling in the Information Security Management Masters program. She’s an Information Technology professional with 25 years of experience, all of which she’s spent here at Augusta University and the Medical College of Georgia.

What’s next for Mia?

“Time to rest!” Mia laughs.

On a more serious note she says, “I’m looking forward to applying the principles I’ve learned in the ISM program to my job and exploring new career opportunities in information security management.”

And finally, Mia has a passion to see more young girls become interested in computer and cyberscience and plans to volunteer with Girls Who Code.

“I took my first computer science class when I was in high school in 1985,” she said. ” I loved it and never looked back.”

Mia Jolly, Augusta University Class of 2018, Master of Science in Information Security Management
Photo credit: Erica Langsam, Fine Arts major, December 6, 2018

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