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Room Essentials: Pack Like a Pro

Packing for dorm life

With Move-In Day right around the corner, some students are making lists, checking them twice, and making sure they are prepared to move in to their new rooms this fall. Among all of the excitement, don’t forget these essentials:

The Bedroom

  • Alarm clock– The morning time monster, the necessary evil, whatever you’d like to call it. Yes it stinks, but sleeping through your morning classes stinks even more, we promise.
  • Bed sheets, and an extra set too– Is there anything better than crawling into clean sheets after a long day? They’ll keep you sleeping like a baby so you can wake up refreshed for that 8 a.m. history class. Also, don’t forget your favorite pillow. Augusta University’s provided mattresses are Twin XL, so be sure to bring the right size.
  • Desk lamp or reading light– What use is a desk without a lamp at night? Instead of turning on the light and waking your roommate, prepare. Bring a lamp or reading light to keep those late night study sessions to yourself. On the other side of this, you may want to pack a sleep mask to block out their study sessions.
  • Laundry basket & clothes hangers– You might be surprised to learn how often these are forgotten. Having a designated area to store dirty laundry prevents the re-wear of dirty clothes, keeps your room tidy, and helps to keep your clothes organized, so you can wash them faster.
  • Ear plugs- For the same reason you might need a sleep mask, or maybe just a little quiet “me time.”

The Bathroom

  • Robes/long towels– Wrapping yourself in a clean towel or robe after a shower might be better than clean bed sheets. Bring more than one towel. Towels and robes aren’t the kind of things you share with your roommate.
  • Toiletries– Again, don’t expect your roommate to share these with you. Bring your own shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, hair products, and everything else we clutter up our counter tops with.
  • Cleaning supplies- Pack some quick cleaning items like antibacterial wipes, glass cleaner, shower cleaner, a handy vacuum, and an air freshener too.

The Kitchen

  • Snacks- Snacking and late night homework go together like PB & Jaguars. Keep the pantry stocked so that your body and mind can have the fuel it needs to be successful. Just remember, try to keep it as healthy as possible.
  • Microwave safe Tupperware, lots of it– Tupperware items are essential throughout college since they’re cheap, sturdy, and can be used as both storage and a dish.

 Personal Items

  • School Documents– Make sure you have your class schedule and any other important documents you need for registration.
  • Medication Records– Always keep a current copy of your medical records on hand. Talk to your roommate about any allergies or medications you have.
  • Decorations– Make the space your own! Bring posters, figurines or any other personal items that make you feel happy and at home.
  • Practical Clothes– It might be a smart idea to pack one or two sweaters and a raincoat for those situations where you need warmer clothing. In Augusta, you won’t run into too many of these days, so keep the winter clothes light and save room for more necessary belongings.

With those items now checked off your list, hopefully, you can now be a little less stressed about packing for school! Augusta University Move-In begins August 10, and we will have plenty of volunteers, staff, and students ready to assist you with moving into your new home away from home.

Housing and residence life creates a transformational on-campus experience for over 1200 residents. Learn more about our Housing and Residence Life, augusta.edu/housing.

For more information about Move-In Day and to schedule a move in time, please visit https://www.augusta.edu/housing/move-in/.

For a detailed packing list provided by our residential experts, please visit https://www.augusta.edu/housing/move-in/what-to-bring.php.

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Housing & Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life creates a transformational on-campus experience for over 1200 residents. Our experienced staff seeks to provide residents with intellectual, social, cultural, and recreational experiences to enhance the resident's time at Augusta University, and to facilitate academic success and individual growth.

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